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The Western Isles

About Us

First of all I'd like to thank you for taking the time to browse the site.

My name is Martin Collins and I thought that I'd take the time to tell you all a little about myself and the idea behind this site.

Taking the photographs and building this web site are both relaxing hobbies of mine and I try to devote as much time as I can to both. Although that's not always as much time as I'd like.

I hope you've enjoyed the site so far, please read on if you would like to know more.

A Little About Me

Originally from Southampton in Southern England, I moved to the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides in January of 1999 from the town of Largs on the Firth of Clyde, near Glasgow. I live in the area of the island known as "Point" or the Eye Peninsula, overlooking Broad Bay. If you have access to GoogleEarth then the position is: Lat: 58-13N Long: 006-12W or do a search for "Stornoway, Scotland" and head east a little.

I started photography at 17 when I got my first 35mm SLR camera, a Pentax P30T with a 28-80mm lens & a 70-300mm lens. I've still got the Pentax and now use it for the photos of the Aurorae because it has a manual shutter needed for the long exposure times. I later upgraded to a Sigma SA9 but, although it's a good camera, it does have it's limitations. Most of my photos are now taken with a Fuji S5000 digital camera and this makes life easy for producing photographs for a web site like this. To add to the quality I have now aquired a Canon EOS 400D SLR camera and the first photos taken with this camera are the Lunar Eclipse photos in the Aurorae Gallery. I hope to replace some of the older photos on the site now that I have this camera so watch out for the updates.

Land Rovers

Those who know me will also be aware of another little pastime I have, Land Rovers. I have owned various Land Rovers since 1987 and for those of you linking in from some of the forums that I frequent then here's a few photos of my pride & joy at the moment, a modified Land Rover Discovery 300 TDi.

Discovery in the Snow        Avoiding a tree in Belgium

Recovery on Barvas Beach        On the banks of Loch Langavat

The Idea Behind Hebrides-Photos.com

I started building this site back in mid 2000 using the free web space that my ISP provided. As I had more ideas about what I wanted to do with the site I decided it was time to get a URL of my own and proper site hosting. After a couple of rebuilds www.hebrides-photos.com was launched in November 2000 and since that time the site has gone through another two redesigns, this being the second in January/February 2006.

From the outset I made a few rules that still remain today.

I hope that by displaying my photographs of these islands it shows what the islands have to offer and inspires the viewer to come and see the sights in person. If that is not possible then at least they have had a taste and can pass on the experience to others. In the time the site has been running it has received over 25,000 hits and I have had emails from all over the world, either complimenting me on the photos or looking for more information about the island or how to get here. This alone makes it worth while to me and the fact that a few of my photos have been published or used on other web sites promoting the islands just makes it that little bit sweeter.


If you have any questions or comment about the site, the islands, the photography used or anything that springs to mind then please feel free to email me at: martin@hebrides-photos.com and, if an answer is required, I will do my best to reply within a couple of days.

In the meantime, please continue to enjoy the site and, maybe, come and see this wonderful place for yourself one day.

Kind regards,

Martin Collins.

© Hebrides-Photos.com 2007